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The Bakery is closing its doors forever to make way for Perth’s post-boom apartment infill. But as one thing comes to an end another begins, and that thing is Camp Doogs 2015. To celebrate the return of Camp Doogs 2015 and the inevitable demolition of Perth’s finest bakery we’ve teamed up with Acres Agency to put together a lineup featuring none other than official dream-boat and rhythmical enigma, Kirin J Callinan, who’s jetting in for one night of passion, live in solo mode. That special guy. The bill also features the likes of Nick Allbrook, Eleventeen Eston & The Conversation, Catlips, Day Woo DJ’s and Magnolias Live.

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Ariel Pink at The Bakery

arielJanuary was the start of a big year for Good Times Arts Inc. We had the opportunity to co-present Ariel Pink (USA) at The Bakery and The Clean (NZ) at the Rosemount. These were just the first of a number of shows we’ll be presenting this year, in the lead up to the third edition of Camp Doogs. In May Kirin J Callinan will be playing alongside a great list of locals including Nick Allbrook, as part of The Bakery’s farewell series. This show will also mark the launch of the Camp Doogs 2015 campaign which we’re all very excited to get started on.

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The Clean (Flying Nun) play The Rosemount

The Clean
Mistletone, Good Times Arts and RTR proudly present THE CLEAN, touring Perth for the first time ever (!) in their 36 year career. The Clean play The Rosemount on January 23 with special guests Doctopus and Hamjam. Tickets on sale now from Oztix.

Prime architects of the Flying Nun sound, The Clean have influenced everyone from Pavement, Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo to the current crop of Australian jangle pop. Named by Pitchfork as “the Halley’s comet of indie-rock”, The Clean recently toured the USA to celebrate the first ever vinyl edition of their classic Anthology on Merge Records.

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Top 10 Perth tracks of 2014

Twenty Fourteen has been inarguably a big year in Perth music. Here’s our pick of the best stuff.

PS. We’re throwing a big Christmas Party this Friday at The Bakery.

SODA Lite – Paradise

Mei Saraswati – Swamp Gospel

HAM JAM – Double Ride

Peter Bibby – Goodbye Johnny

Savoir – Malala

Eleventeen Eston - shoelace episode 1 (Hugo’s theme prelude)

Methyl Ethel – Rogues

KUČKA – Unconditional

Kitchen People – Coffee & Tea

Cool Band – Fuck you you’re not even cops

Ariel Pink at The Bakery

ariel pink

Mistletone, Good Times Arts, Fasterlouder and RTR-FM present LA indie-pop auteur Ariel Pink with his seven piece band of merry men, hot on the heels of his superb new offering pom pom (out now via Remote Control). Ariel Pink plays The Bakery, Northbridge with special guest Nick Allbrook (Pond) on January 29. Tickets on sale now from The Bakery.

“If you hate Ariel Pink, nothing in this review can possibly alter your opinion. You’ll scour the record for misogyny, say it’s too long, and roll your eyes at the helium disco-grooves about getting white freckles at the tanning salon and the amphetamine jingles for Jell-O. You think he’s funny or you don’t… He remains the stylistic next-of-kin to Frank Zappa: satirical, divisive, and more interested in terraforming genres than neatly deconstructing them. But for all the arch humor and affectation, Pink writes some of most wistful and peculiarly moving songs in contemporary music” – PITCHFORK BEST NEW MUSIC 8.8

From demented kiddie tune collaborations with the legendary Kim Fowley (songs like “Jell-O” and “Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade” were written with Fowley in his hospital room during his recent battle with cancer), to beatific, windswept pop (“Put Your Number In My Phone”, “Dayzed Inn Daydreams”), scuzz-punk face-melters (“Goth Bomb”, “Negativ Ed”), and carnival dub psychedelia (“Dinosaur Carebears”), pom pom could very well be Ariel Pink’s magnum opus.

Camp Doogs 2014

Peter Bibby Camp Doogs Camp Doog

Camp Doogs Fire
Camp Doogs StageDeep Doogs Tebrett murray camp doogssarry camp doogs

Photos by Julian Frichot, Pippa Wolfe & Zandra Eller

Camp Doogs 2014 - Ticket Sales

Camp Doogs is back for 2014 with a delicious feast of amazing bands & activities cooked up in a South West bush sanctuary. This year we’re taking things a step further with a dedicated dance pavilion, more activities, more food stalls, more bejazzling and more straight up good doogs.

As usual Camp Doogs is BYO and promotes sustainability with dedicated Bus transport to and from the site (no cars). This years lineup is killer with everything from black hole explorations from the far east, to adhd jazz pop from the close east and a truck load of local favourites keeping it real. Can’t wait to share Camp Doogs 2014 with you!

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Camp Doogs 2014 - Visual Artist Callout



This year we are expanding our artistic program to include an open call. This means that any visual artist, be they first-timers or alumni, are able to propose an artwork to be included in the festival environment.

Camp Doogs takes place in Nannup, Western Australia which showcases forward-thinking local and international musicians. The festival takes place over 2 nights in a sprawling native Australian forest, riddled with pathways and riverside grottoes. We are seeking artworks that interact with the festival atmosphere, create special places out of the existing landscape, or enhance the participatory elements of the festival.

To apply, please send a maximum 1-page project description to campdoogs at goodtimesarts dot com with the subject “Visual Artist Application” by July 31. If funding is necessary to achieve your vision, please include a budget proposal that outlines any expenses. Since we have a limited artistic budget, please note that projects which are self-funded and Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together make very viable candidates. Include any relevant links to mock-ups, previous artworks, and online portfolios OR send a maximum of six JPEG images as attachments to your email.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please send us an email